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Angela King
Angela King

Angela King was born and raised in South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.  She is blessed to be part of a large, close family and loves spending time with them and her friends.


Angela grew up in the 1970’s – a time when the adults who lived on her street were far outnumbered by children, most of which gathered at ‘The King’s’ – her mum and dad’s large allotment where imaginations could run free with adventures and invented games. 


It was in these formative childhood years that Angela developed a skill for entertaining others with her stories, songs and caricature sketches.


As an adult, these skills were put away when Angela’s working life took several different paths as far ranging as Magazine Editor to most recently, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her creative skills were re-ignited whilst treating clients - metaphors are such an important element of the hypnosis procedure - and her first novel, ‘Mrs Wrinkles and the Emotion Potion’ just flowed from her imagination onto paper. Angela’s rip-roaring story, filled with many fun twists and turns also carries a message of hope and the importance of kindness and connection. It has both entertained and struck a chord with many who have read and enjoyed it.


Since the success of her first book, Angela has written two further children’s books aimed at younger children – the ones who need hope, kindness, and to understand the importance of connection more than ever.

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