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Rhiann, Ed and Will are out in the forest. Again.


The children of Tredham are exploring, searching for an old fort and a new adventure.


Only now they have lost their way, far from the little village they call home. And a storm is in the air.


What – or who – will the children find out among the ancient trees?


Beware the wild man, their parents had said. Beware fierce Finn prowling through the woods.


But even a wild man can have a warm heart. Even an outcast can show kindness.


Can’t he?


The three friends are about to find out.


  • Portrait paperback
  • Size: 15.3 cm (W)  x 22.9 cm (H)
  • ISBN: 978-1-8383174-7-8
  • Language: English
  • First published: 16 May 2023
  • Print length: 62 pages
  • Ilustrations inside book


The Painted Cave - paperback

Hors TVA
  • The Painted Cave

    • Book type: Paperback
    • Print length: 62 pages
    • Language: English
    • Publication date: 16 May 2023
    • Book dimensions: 15.3 cm (W) x 22.9 cm (H)
    • Includes inside illustrations
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